Adding an iCalendar source to Calfw (feat. Doom Emacs)

Here's my calendar in Emacs. I use both an org-agenda and an iCalendar source. Introduction This will be a short post on how I use custom sources for the Doom Emacs calendar module; in particular, a iCalendar/ics source. Whenever I mention 'Doom', I'm referring to Doom Emacs. Prerequisites A basic understanding of how to use Doom Emacs, and some familiarity with Lisp-like languages.
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Writing Assignments with Org-mode (in Doom Emacs)

Introduction This post will be a brief tour on writing (work/university) assignments in org-mode, with the goal of producing a nicely typesetted PDF document without having to use much LaTeX. Everything mentioned will also apply to Emacs in general, but Doom Emacs comes with all the features I mention. Prerequisites Basic knowledge of org-mode, LaTeX (if math required), and Emacs. (Very) Quick Org-Mode Primer Org-mode is a plain-text hierarchical markup language.
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Day/Night Theme Switching on Doom Emacs (+ Bonus Config)

Intro So, inevitably, as one delves deeper into their editor of choice, one finds themselves wishing to customise it to some extent. Vim can handle this sufficiently, but I found myself reaching the point where my vim config started to get a little bit cluttered. So, after having a look at Emacs, I decided to make the switch, courtesy of Doom Emacs. The init.el file in the private config already handles most of the configuration you’d want to get started with, but there were two things I added to my config.
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